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NLP Applications & Research

These links relate to NLP application and the therapeutic application of NLP. They are for your interest and information and do not, in themselves, represent and endorsement from NLPtCA. If you know of other useful links or publicly available papers please send them to us and we will include them in this list.

UK ANLP NLP Research Journal

To purchase a copy or submit articles to it, visit:

NLP Wiki

This has put together NLP Research Document with references to relevant studies

Overview of NLP Research

by Steve Andreas.
With links to other related research papers:

NLP and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder;

by Richard Gray.

Impact of using NLP in Education 2010;


Eliciting Metaphor through Clean Language: An Innovation in Qualitative Research;

P Tosey, J Lawley and R Meese

A critical review of NLP as an effective treatment for individuals with depression and anxiety;

Lisa Wake

Exploring Inner Landscapes: NLP and Psycho-phenomenology as innovations in researching first-person experience;

J Mathison and P Tosey 2010

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