All members of NLPtCA must receive Supervision with an accredited NLPtCA Supervisor or recognised equivalent, agree to work within a scope of practice agreed with their supervisor, adhere to NLPtCA Code of Ethics and have professional indemnity insurance.

Each class of membership recognises a different level of training, experience and accreditation.

  • Accredited Members of NLPtCA have completed a four-year, postgraduate, in-depth and experiential training in how to work with a variety of adults with a wide range of emotional distress, mental health issues and difficulties.
  • Members of NLPtCA have completed formal training as an NLPt psychotherapist (500+ training hours in Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy) and are able to work with a wide variety of presenting issues.
    • Some members may be gaining clinical practice and supervision experience prior to applying for Accreditation with NLPtCA.
  • NLPtCA Members in Training are enrolled in formal psychotherapy training and aiming to become an Accredited NLPtCA Psychotherapist & Registered with UKCP.
  • Associate Members of NLPtCA are certified Practitioners of NLP or Master Practitioners of NLP using NLP therapeutically under supervision, including coaches, counsellors, therapists, etc.