Accreditation Process

To become an NLPtCA Accredited Psychotherapist, a number of qualifications, assessments and supervised contact hours are required.  Applications for Accreditation are accepted on an annual basis and the closing date is the 31st March.  The applications are considered by the Accreditation Panel which consists of the Accreditation Registrar, Panel members (who are Accredited members of NLPtCA) and an External Moderator, (who is a member of any member organisation of UKCP).  There is an additional role – the Accreditation Moderator – who helps to oversee and moderate the Accreditation process. 

The full set of documents required for application are available here.

Notice of intention to apply for Accreditation

You must give at least 12-months notice of your intention to apply for accreditation. We recommend you start much earlier than this – 18 months ideally. This gives you, the people supporting your application and NLPtCA opportunity to identify, discuss and clarify any issues around eligibility or criteria. To give notice of your intention to apply for accreditation, email NLPtCA will expect you to have explored the detailed guidelines relating to any questions you may have before you contact the Accreditation Registrar.

Release of Accreditation documentation

Accreditation documents are reviewed annually. This may include changes to accreditation criteria.  Updated accreditation document sets are issued in December in the year preceding your submission year.  If you have notified your intention to submit in the following year, you will be contacted when document sets become available.  That’s why it’s important that you notify your intention to apply for accreditation in good time so we can ensure you have access to the relevant documentation for the year in which you’re applying.

View current accreditation documentation

Completing an application for Accreditation

A completed application for accreditation consists of:

We also require a number of supporting documents: certificates, letters and detailed information relating to your supervision history amongst others.

Supporting your application

We wish you all the best with your application. We are here to help you – please help us to do this by allowing plenty of time, ensuring that the people supporting your application are ready, willing and eligible, and reading the document set in full before you start.

The NLPtCA General Guidelines explain who you may discuss your application with and how you do this.  This helps us all to be clear about what has been discussed and agreed in relation to your application.