The Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy and Counselling Association is a Private Company Limited by Guarantee registered in England (No.3732953)

The first AGM of the NLPtCA as an independent organisation was January 28th 2002 following initial talks between interested parties that began in 1992. Since formation, NLPtCA has seen growth and membership at well over 100 Accredited Psychotherapists at times. NLPtCA is established is to:

  • To develop and maintain standards for the practice of Neuro-Linguistic Psychotherapy and Counselling interests;
  • To monitor the activities and further the interests of its members;
  • To represent the interests of NLPtCA to other professional and regulatory authorities engaged in the field of psychotherapy and counselling;
  • To promote Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy and Counselling to a wider public, and to further the use of the techniques, training and practice of NLP and NLPt in personal development.

The Board of Directors are responsible for the management of the Company’s business. They are assisted in this task by the Administration Team (Cygnul Ltd.), Professional Standards Committee, Accreditation Registrar, Supervision Registrar, Accreditation Panel, and members serving on other committees and groups as required. All members are volunteers.

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