All the documentation required for Re- Accreditation are below for downloading. If you have any difficulty in accessing or downloading the documents please contact


Code of Ethics v4.1 FINAL.pdf

NLPtCA Continuing Professional Development .pdf

NLPtCA ReAccreditation Guidelines 2022.pdf

NLPtCA Guidance on approval via email chain.pdf


Associate Member / Member in Training / Member of NLPtCA Renewal

Confirmation of Supervision Form.pdf


Accredited Member of NLPtCA Renewal 2022

NLPtCA ReAccreditation Application Form 2022.docx

NLPtCA ReAccreditation Application Form 2022 – PEERVISION.docx

NLPtCA Annual Development Review 2022.doc

NLPtCA Annual Development Review 2022 – PEERVISION.doc


NLPtCA Sabbaticals & Elective Lapse of Registration Application Form (SELRAF – PDF